Sunday, June 4, 2017

I quilted the water this morning.  Lost count of how many times I needed to rethread the top thread and the bobbin (no idea what their problem was) so it took a LOT longer than it should have. But it's looking better and better.

I actually made it to Boot Camp this afternoon -
and dragged Alex along with me. 

Originally he hadn't wanted to go exercise "with a bunch of old ladies", but I convinced him it would be an intense workout.  Because it was my first BC since I broke my toe in February I knew I wouldn't make it through the entire hour - especially since my cough is wearing me out.  Still, I did most of the first 20 minutes before I crapped out.  Alex continued for another 10, and definitely worked up a sweat.

 This afternoon Wanda stopped by with some of her embellishment yarns, and so now I have more hair to add.  (I'm going to have to get a stash of my own!)  She also showed me how a dryer sheet works great for the snow on the mountain top, so I'll be doing that.

Alex cooled off in the pool afterward while Wanda and I played with the quilts.  He 'helped' Tyga get wet on the first step (he didn't seem too stressed when Alex put him in to cool him off) but Tyga was obviously much happier sunbathing.

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