Tuesday, June 20, 2017

After a reasonable workout at the gym this morning (my wrist did talk to me, though didn't truly impede things) I headed straight home; too hot to run any errands.  Then I worked on Marcela's purse, and made substantial progress.  Here are the front and back pieces, with their outside pockets attached, and the pieced shoulder strap.

Estera brought the kids over to swim in the late afternoon, and she noticed that the water has definitely warmed up just in the past couple of days. She did ask if we ever dumped ice in to cool it down, but I can't imagine how much we'd need to make any difference - though ice seemed to work for this guy.

And while the pool is not quite bathtub temperature (yet!), let's just say I did not have my usual trouble getting in.

Not surprisingly a good time was had by all!

And to the kids' delight Pokey made an appearance,
and was rewarded with a snack.

Aja picked up Tyga this afternoon, so it's definitely feeling empty around here.  He got quite excited when he heard her car pull up, and gave her a very warm welcome home, running around her in circles.  By this point, however, he was obviously more interested in Julianna's snack.

Tom just called and said it's hot up there also, though he did concede that's a relative term.  His plan is to leave on Thursday, and thus arrive home on Friday - even though I warned him that it's supposed to stay hot through the weekend: Saturday 116, Sunday 117.  

Image result for no place like home  

Except this is pretty much our summer reality!

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