Saturday, June 17, 2017

It's been a reasonably productive morning. 

My first errand was Target as soon as they opened - which is nice because it's pretty empty then, though the aisles are crowded with boxes of merchandise waiting to be put on the shelves. I found most of the stuff on my list, including pretty towels to turn into seat covers (because the seats get HOT this time of year) and even had coupon for 25% off towels!  I'm still having difficulty finding the wonderful training dog treats for Tyga.  WinCo, where I originally found them, did not have them yesterday.  Both places carry other Dingo dog products, just not the training treats.  I sure hope they haven't been discontinued!

  Once the library opened I picked up a couple of books that had come in, and also signed a couple of important petitions.  At the quilt store (ran into Louise there) I got the black fabric I'll need for tomorrow's project, along with a turquoise zipper, and then made a last stop to fill up the gas tank.  Now I'm home, and can spend the heat of the afternoon doing stuff inside.

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