Friday, August 18, 2017

This morning I woke up with several painful (spider?) bites on the back of my thigh.  Hopefully whatever bit me is long gone; I did, however, wash my bedding today to ensure an eviction.  While I was waiting for my laundry I packed our camping gear.  Still have to figure out food tomorrow.  

After warming up in the apple pools I did get into the swimming pool for a bit.  Mark told me about the numerous trips he and Karen have taken around the world to see various species of penguins, including Philip Island in Australia (the only place I've seen them in the wild.)

Karen and I soaked this afternoon at the party pool, where there was an extended family group with almost-two-year-old Shelby (she has the most wonderful smile!) who enjoyed trying to catch the water my hand was spouting, and a baby boy whose mom was happy for my loan of my baby sarong to cover him (because the sun kept peeking through the leaves where they were 'hiding' in the shade.)

As we were leaving, Josh arrived wearing an arrowhead t-shirt I know Tom would like.

Walking past, we wondered why these flowers were parked on top of this car.

This doe was very relaxed, unlike the young stag that sprinted past the party pool this afternoon.

Terry spent all afternoon cooking; I think there were 15 of us for dinner.  Tomorrow is Christina's 10th birthday, but we celebrated tonight.

I've been dragging this afternoon and evening. 

Not bringing my laptop with me, but if there is wifi in the hotel tomorrow or Monday I may be able to blog.  Otherwise, look for me back on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Last night, when I was getting my pool bag ready for the morning, I realized that I had left my water bottle (with the distinctive blue hoodie) up at the apple pool.  Happy to report that it had waited there patiently until I arrived to retrieve it late this morning.

Also at the apple pool was the same little girl (Wren) who had been there last night with her dad for a quick soak before heading on the bat hike. This morning she was there with her mom Annie.  I had offered to take some pix of them last night, but Dad had declined.  However, Annie said he'd mentioned "the nice lady" who had offered, and it sounded like he was sorry later that he'd declined. Annie was more than happy to have me take pix, so I snapped away and got some good ones.

Up at the Party Pool later, I introduced a group to Sam McGee.  The only one already familiar with him was poet William Climbing Sun.  He and Carol are visiting from Florida.

After my (well-received) recitation, I asked him to recite one of his poems -
which I absolutely LOVED!  It hasn't been published yet (will be included in his next volume) but he's promised to send me the text of it.

He also mentioned a novel he's published, and a book of prose poetry, so once back at the house I did a search.  He "forgot" to mention that at one point he was a Senior Engineer in Aerospace Design, and in addition to teaching poetry is president of a construction company that designs custom homes. 
Design of many new and totally rebuilt landmark custom homes in Santa Cruz County, California. Most are active or passive solar, several with solariums and/or atriums. Many of these homes employ recycled & green materials and finishes. Currently designing a four-story Buddhist stupa (shrine) for a local retreat center.
I enjoy meeting such interesting folks here!
When Doug dropped off an oversize (and heavy) package yesterday that had come for Terry, I got permission from him to trim those few branches that were impeding entry/exit to the lower apple pool, and kept trying to poke people in the eye. 

Since we were going to be on a later than usual dinner schedule (Terry and Mark had a late lunch in town, and Karen and Rosemary were going up to see the bats and would be home late) I went for a late afternoon soak and took the trimmers with me.  Of course it didn't take much to snip the few offending shoots.  Doug happened by just a few minutes later giving a tour, and he approved of my handiwork.

Terry had left the gate open (makes bringing in the countless bags of groceries easier, and with no dog now it doesn't really matter) and one of the fawns wandered into the yard.  I didn't have my camera handy, so just had to watch without documenting. So much fun to see the little ones!

When it was nearing dinnertime and I was 'driving' Neil into the kitchen, he put his hand over mine on the controls - so I asked him if he wanted to help.  He flashed me a clear "are you nuts?" look, and then in his regular voice (he's mostly speaking in falsetto these days) he said, "Are you kidding?"  We love the flashes of the old Neil, and it made us really laugh.

Yesterday while Terry was in town getting groceries he warmed my heart; I had done something for him (and don't even remember what it was) and he pulled me toward him and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  So he's in there somewhere! 

It was a great bat flyout from the mine last night, and Rosemary got a terrific video.  Unfortunately it was too large a file to fit into an e-mail, so I can't share it here.  You'll just have to be satisfied with this still shot of hers.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Karen and I had a lovely soak at the Party Pool this afternoon,
and on our walk back passed this cute little pop-up.

Nick calls her Alice, and says Home Is Where the Hitch Is.

Currently he (and friend Fred) are traveling cross-country.  

Nick was kind enough to let me take a peek inside (after apologizing that they were not fully set up - or expecting 'tourists' to come through.) 

I love how spacious Alice is, with plenty of standing room in the middle between the two beds. There's a queen-sized bed on one side 

and the dining table is under the narrower bed on the other side.

There's a kitchen between the beds,
and (out of camera range) a slide-out potty.

So it looks like they've got everything they need!

When Echo and I traveled in my truck every summer, I had what I needed: a bed, a pail with a cover (my version of a porta-potty) and an ice chest.  Alice is definitely a step up from that!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We had a delightful birthday dinner here for Karen tonight,
and I got another shot of the 3 sisters.

I even made it into a shot.

Karen got some lovely gifts, and some very funny cards.

This morning I slept in until an absolutely decadent time. In fact it was so late when I opened my eyes that I'm embarrassed to cite the actual time! The good news is that I feel just fine and there doesn't seem to be a 'reason' for it.

Today is Karen's birthday; she is celebrating by spending the day in town with Elinor (who has a PT appointment) getting a pedicure and massage.  Tonight the whole gang will be up here for a birthday feast, so Terry is busy today whipping up culinary delights for the festivities.

Steve also made a trip into town to do his grocery shopping, but a transformer blew and Safeway's power went out.  So much for his shopping!  (Elinor and Karen heard the explosion from where they were, but while their lights flickered they didn't lose power.)

I got my Ancestry DNA results today, and they were absolutely NO surprise. 

Ethnicity Estimate: 95% European Jewish

Europe: 99% (mainly Germany, Poland, Ukraine - which I already knew)
94% European Jewish 
3% Italy/Greece 
1% Caucasus
1% Europe West
1% Other Regions

After we got Neil settled for the day I made it up to the Party Pool, where I wielded my magic on the steps and landing rock with the wire brush.  They definitely needed attention since I scrubbed them several weeks ago - and one man exiting afterward bestowed a Safety Award upon me!  Always nice to be appreciated...

Glen made an appearance this afternoon,
sporting a new hat since I had "appropriated" the one from last year. 

He said Martin was here (for his anniversary) and was "wondering if the Sam McGee lady was around this year." So maybe I'll bump into him (can't quite bring up a face to go with the name) and he'll get to hear it again.   (Did I mention that Mark had me recite it for Rosemary on Sunday? She'd never heard it before!)

Aleia came by the party pool giving the tour to a couple with a mini Aussie. 
She sure was adorable... think I'm in love!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dinner was down at Elinor & Richard's tonight.  We ate well, and laughed a lot.  Glad I brought my camera, because I got a great shot of the 3 sisters.

Karen was telling us about Barbara's house, where they stayed in San Fe.

The profusion of flowers between the tiles on the patio are all volunteers.

I probably have made it clear that, with regard to computer stuff, I just want to "turn the key and drive it off the lot".  When I click on the FB icon on my desktop, situated thus for my convenience, I expect it to go to my page.  Seems reasonable, right? 

But for some reason today it decided to (once again) divert me to Mom's home page.  Nothing I did worked (certainly no real surprise) but at least Mark was able to correct the situation by logging out of hers, leaving mine the only place to go by default.

It dawned on me that the computer must have added Mom back in May during our trip to NY, when she wanted to check her FB.   At my request Mark deleted her account, so IN THEORY this particular problem won't happen again. 

Here's a pic Terry took today, when Neil kept reaching for my hand.

Forgot the mention that the eclipse shirts I ordered (a white tank for me, a blue tee for Terry) were scheduled to be delivered yesterday (yes, on a Sunday!?)  Mine arrived in the mail on Saturday, and we're hoping that Terry's shows up in today's mail.

I'm back up and running (at least for the time being...) 

Thank you, Steve!

Passed this crocheted tire cover on my way up to soak.  Of course it wouldn't be very effective at protecting a spare in Arizona - but it is very cheery!

Isn't this a great view first thing in the morning?

I didn't have it to myself for long, as you can tell by the towels draped here and there - but that's okay, because I really enjoy talking with the folks I meet here!

Like Kathi and Ken (and sweetie Sadie Mae!)
who are headed off to do some hiking around Durango.

Here's a pic from yesterday, with the ubiquitous clouds moving in...
the sunflowers just keep getting happier and happier!

Karen is also a penguin person, and last summer she had admired my toiletries bag.  So I made her one of her own (larger, as requested) which she brought with her; now they can keep each other company for a while.

I meant to add this bumper sticker to the end of my last post,
in light of all the shit going down in the outside world: