Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yesterday I started putting together the Reach For The Stars wall-hanging, and so far so good.  But ran out of steam in the afternoon, possibly because I've been waking up around 4:30 for days now.  And it isn't even light out then, so can't blame it on that.

I did speak with Alex yesterday, but didn't see him.   He was staying in Scottsdale for the night because he's heading to the lake today with friends and they're leaving from there. Maybe tomorrow? He's got a busy social life, so who knows... <g>

Though I have offered to take him out to dinner,
which is always an enticement!

Do hope to make more progress on wall-hanging today, and other plans include a blood draw (before next week's routine check-up with the oncologist) and mucking out the linen closet to make room to store stuff.

MAY also get brave and try hemming some of my high-water pants to turn them into pedal-pushers, using hints Colleen gave me to cut them evenly.  

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