Wednesday, May 31, 2017

At least I wasn't late for Tuesday morning's session at the gym. <G> I did an upper body workout, and got to experience several 'new' machines. One of them talked to my muscles immediately, and Jim predicted I will be thinking about him for the next several days.

Did more mucking and cleaning around the house in the morning, and also did a little yardwork, again easily filling one of the cans with never-ending detritus from the jungle. In the afternoon I got my enlargements made at the copy shop. The construction guys were working next door (where Sheri will be moving the quilt store into larger quarters) so I got to take a peek. Of course I stopped in at the quilt store, and picked up half a yard of white-on-white polka dots to use as connectors for next month's jelly roll race. And on the sale shelf I found some  yarn-and-fishbowl fabric that will make a perfect backing for the kitty quilt. 

As long as I was in the neighborhood I popped in at Colleen's for a visit.  Along with catching up on stuff, I got to help Gracie with her math and hear her play the piano.  There wasn't any more cotton candy left, though.

In the evening I started watching Orphan Black (Andy & Sandy recommended it) and have enjoyed the first few episodes.  Interesting concept -

And speaking of enjoyed, Patti said she couldn't put down The Forgetting Time, and wanted to pass it along to Carol to read.  No problem, since I have plenty of renewals left on it. 

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