Thursday, May 25, 2017

This morning our committee (Donna, Joanne, Joyce, and Sandy) met at Sandy's to address our concerns RE the Small Quilt Auction at the AQG show back in March.  We brainstormed a list of issues, and then possible solutions.  Now I'll write up a first draft to send out to the committee for feedback, and hopefully we'll end up with a ready-to-mail letter to present to the entire chapter for their approval at the next Busy Bees meeting .

I'm glad I didn't swing by the library on Tuesday but waited until today, because more books came in yesterday.  Now I've got a respectable pile of fun stuff to plow through, in between wading through the hefty The Wars of the Roosevelts.

Karl was just finishing up mowing the front yard when I got home. The heat was getting to him (starting yardwork at 10:00 is way too late this time of year!) so I suggested he come back tomorrow to mow the back yard... but start at 8:00.  He agreed it sounded like a good plan.  When Summer came to pick him up I discovered she'd also suggested that he start earlier - but hey, what do we moms know?

I got MY yardwork (about an hour's worth of pruning back everything out front with the electric trimmer ) done early this morning, finishing well before 8:00.  And even then it was already toasty! 

Last night we watched a Netflix on Mendelbrot and Fractals (it was a NOVA episode) that was quite interesting.  The applications are fascinating - and far reaching.  I loved the pure mathematics of it, and probably no surprise that I "saw" a quilt in many of the images and designs.  We were both disappointed that it was only an hour long.

By bedtime last night I was once again fighting with a recurring sore throat and swollen glands in my neck, and was worried about how I'd feel this morning.  Luckily not as bad, but it is annoying that the symptoms won't go away entirely.  Could it be allergies???  

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