Saturday, May 27, 2017

Instead of the upper body workout I was expecting at the gym yesterday, Jim ran me through a core workout on the mat.  Definitely worked up a sweat, so I grabbed much-needed shower before heading over to Wanda's for our lunch date.  She wanted to try one of the avocado salads at Pollo Loco (and with her coupon we got a free third salad to bring home to Tom.)  Neither of us was able to finish our hefty salad, and left quite full - though I might have left more room if Wanda had told me before lunch about the scrumptious dessert she'd baked and had waiting at home.  

Back at her house we scrolled through sites showcasing modern quilts, looking for ideas for the one she's going to piece for Jeannie in a trade.  Then we decided to view the CD from March's AQG show, and (I'm not exaggerating) it took us about 30 minutes to figure out how to access more than just the title page.  So it was a nice surprise afterward when I was able to help with some a couple of other things on her computer. Another nice surprise was that her skittish cat Molly not only let me pet her (which amazed Wanda) but then let me pick her up and hold her - absolutely astounded Wanda.

We whiled away the hours drooling over quilts (hope I can remember the names of the quilters whose sites I want to look at again) and I had forgotten all about stopping over at Steve's afterward to pick up the bobbins for Monica.  He works from home on Fridays; I'd called in the morning to see if I could swing by after all my running around and he said that would be fine.  But around 4:00 (when I was still over at Wanda's) he called to say he would be leaving the house soon; as the husband of a quilter I assume he understood when I explained that I had gotten hung up looking at quilts with a friend!  Hopefully I can swing by today or tomorrow sometime.

There was a package from Marilyn waiting for me - a set of National Geographic discs with ALL of the back issues on it!  Here's hoping that they will be easier to view than the AQG quilt show one...

Irrigation went well (Karl had come by in the morning to mow the back) and we got an excellent flow, possibly the best cycle ever judging by flow into the west front.  (I admit I was a little worried when I saw that there was a newbie doing the gates - sometimes that does not go well!) That's the last part of the property to get water, though the most important since that Chinese Elm is what provides us with much needed (and much appreciated!!!) afternoon shade from southern exposure! 

Yesterday I finished reading The Forgetting Time (by Sharon Guskin) which I had only started the day before, and thoroughly enjoyed; I highly recommend that you add it to your list!  I was surprised to find that the case studies embedded within the novel were from a real book by Dr. Jim B. Tucker (which I will now look for.)


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