Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I thought the Jelly Roll Race at Foothills was this morning (and turns out I was not the only one), so I pulled out my polka dot jelly roll - only to find out that it contained only 20 strips.  At least before I started cutting another set of strips to go along with it I (wisely!) decided to check the schedule. That's when I got a welcome reprieve: that Sew Day isn't until next month!

I did pop over to quilting anyway (after stopping first to gas up since we were on fumes driving home from dinner last night) in the hopes that one of the more artistic ladies would be there and help me flesh out the floating woman for my hot springs auction piece.  Turns out that Dee used to teach art, and she gave it a shot.

Afterward I deposited Mom's check

and then swung by The Other Quilt Shop nearby to see what jelly rolls Sherri had in stock.  Turned out that she had a perfect one to coordinate with my polka dots - plus it was also a half roll.  So I should be all set to go next month! 

As a bonus Sherri carried some of the mesh in the pretty blue that 35th Ave. hadn't had yesterday, so I also bought a half yard of that. (Can anyone believe that I walked out of there with ONLY what I went in there looking for?!)

Stopped briefly at Jeannie's on the way home (to let her know about Mary worrying about her and calling me - as her neighbor - to see about checking up on her) and got to peek at her updated back yard.  Then lunched on yummy leftovers from last night: smoked brisket, potato salad, and cole slaw.

Now I'm trying to decide between doing some sewing or other stuff inside the house, or yardwork since it's "only" going to be 105 this afternoon and I do need to get some of it done before irrigation Friday afternoon.

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