Monday, May 15, 2017

Pippa was a good girl during her blood draw, and as a reward Sandy and I took her for a walk.

It was my first time outside since Tuesday, and the fresh air felt great!  I am feeling considerably better, and had some voice back today, though still not much volume.

Sandy ferried me over to Riderwood, where Mom and I enjoyed generous portions of leftover Chinese from yesterday.  I packed up a zillion envelopes of labeled DMC thread (emptied six full tublets) into the popcorn box, though I'm sad to say they are no longer in any sort of numerical order.  Sorry, Mom! Sandy is the lucky recipient of the half-dozen tublets, and Mom has made more room on her closet shelf. 

My cousin Rachelle came over for a visit in the afternoon.  FYI Today is her birthday!  We had a wonderful couple of hours catching up on this and that.

Mom and I headed to dinner almost two hours before Andy was scheduled to pick me up.  There was a sign in the lobby letting the residents know that the mobile post office service was terminated indefinitely.  I was going to "let" Mom mail the popcorn box of DMC to me, but since getting to the PO would be a problem Sandy will get to do that.

Between having to wait for a table, and veeeeerrrrryyyy slow service, we were pretty rushed at the end - though my dinner was certainly scrumptious.  Our table companions, Geri and Edithe, both have birthdays later this month.  Geri will be 91, and Edithe will be 101.  I see why Mom doesn't think 90 is any big deal...

Sandy was at the kids' baseball game when we got home (turns out they not only won, but Charlie got 3 hits - so everyone was happy.) Andy got my boarding pass printed (I scored A40) and I did as much packing as I could for tomorrow, so we had time for a couple of games of Rummikub. I managed to win both games, he managed to spill all the tiles on the floor. <g>

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