Saturday, May 20, 2017

As expected, it was a somewhat difficult session at the gym yesterday.  And (also as expected) I woke up sore this morning.  At least it's not too bad, and shouldn't impact what I want/need to do today, which included raking (again) in the Jungle and filling up a can for Monday.  I quickly filled the can, though as usual barely made a dent in the debris despite the fact that not too long ago Tom and Alex raked and bagged it ALL up.  Also trimmed the overgrown hedge by the gate (making access much easier), the ivy in the raised planter, and the bush on the back porch.  All that trimmage is currently sitting in neat piles, drying out.  Once the cans are emptied on Monday I will have some place to put it.

While I was gone, a notice had come in the mail that APS is going to be trimming trees near the power lines, and we were scheduled for 'sometime between September and December'.  The notice included a name and phone number, and so I had called on Thursday and left a message, asking if they could narrow down that window any; I would like to be around when they do it.  Instead of calling back, Jason stopped by yesterday morning.  While he really couldn't give me a clearer date, he did address my real concern about the poison that they once laid down along the street to inhibit root growth under the power lines.  Since the tree had not done well for a couple of  years afterward, I wanted to make sure they would not be doing that.  And sure enough they had so many complaints re the effects of that toxin that they have discontinued the procedure.  It's a wonderful tree (and provides us with very welcome shade from the southern exposure!) so we want to keep it as healthy as possible!

Last night we went to dinner at Sweet Tomato, and were not thrilled to find two very long lines when we entered, as if a bus had just disgorged all of its passengers.  But we soon discovered that it was because there were no tables available.  So despite them allowing people to go through the line, once we had our food we just had to stand and wait - about 15 minutes, as it turned out.  We ended up eating most of our salads while we waited - and were not the only ones doing that.

At least we did get out of there in time to stop in at Thrifty Joe's before it closed to browse for books.  Tom was looking to pick up something before he leaves on his trip - and found a 1300-page Michener saga he hadn't yet experienced.  That should last him through his 3-week trip!

Alex's friend is going to be parking her boat and van here (not sure for how long, but we certainly have plenty of room) and it will be dropped off today.  She has given us permission to use it, so maybe when Alex is around during June (at least that's the current plan, though it does seem to change on a whim) he'll take me out for the day.  Hey, it could happen...

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