Monday, May 1, 2017

Yesterday's kitchen "first look" was a tad discouraging.  I hadn't thought about redoing the cabinets, though both of us have hated our distressed ones from Day One, and of course cabinets would need to be done first.  Then there's the possibility of needing to redo the floor "just in case" the cabinets don't fit into the existing floor.  (Of course the wood kitchen floor hasn't been the most practical in a room that needs constant cleaning.) So between the appalling cost - and very extended time the kitchen would be down - it was a somewhat discouraging afternoon. 

Didn't help that I had a stiff neck and headache all day.  It made my eye weep some, and even tried to make me nauseated at times, though Tylenol helped keep the worst of it at bay.  A long soak in the evening did help relax my neck, and today's headache is just a whisper of yesterday's.

This morning is laundry so I can pack.  The weather forecast for our weekend in NYC is rain, rain, rain, with 'high' temps only in the 60s.

And not much better for Maryland, with temps also only in the 60s until the end of my trip.  As always I had hoped to pack light (though always seem to bring more than I need) but after freezing last May because of unseasonably cool weather I plan to be better prepared this time!  

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