Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's been very windy this afternoon, and I didn't get any yardwork done.  Instead, I popped over to Patti's to return a book of Joel's she'd lent me a long time ago.  I never did finish it (and had actually forgotten all about it) but now Joel wants his books mailed to Dallas.  The amazing thing is that I found it right where it was supposed to be, in the very first place I looked. How often does that happen?!

Patti continues to make significant progress with her recovery.  

It appears that all of the swelling in her leg and ankle is gone; they finally look back to normal.  Inside the house she is no longer wearing the massive boot, but a much smaller supportive brace that fits inside her shoe, and using a cane instead of a crutch.  The PT was helping - not only with mobility and movement but also with the nerve pain - but after just 8 sessions (!) her insurance is making her jump through paperwork hoops to get more approved, so <sigh> she hasn't been able to go this week.  Hopefully that will get resolved soon!  On the plus side, enough teachers each donated a sick day to her so she's being paid this month.  

Shelley and Rob are coming over in a bit so Tom can school him in Creepy's intricacies and other pool maintenance.  I'm curious to hear what he has to say about fixing the diving board.

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