Thursday, May 18, 2017

I certainly enjoyed Ada's trunk show at Busy Bees yesterday.

Here's an unfinished jacket Ada was making for a client - who then moved away without leaving a forwarding address!

A different jacket under construction - for that same client.

These two quilts were made from the same strip set.

Last year I voted to have Barb Jansen come present a landscape class. Unfortunately it ended up scheduled for May 3 - the day I flew to Maryland. 





Betsy showed her medallion/log cabin, which (once quilted) will be leaving for a new home before we see her again. 

Jan's circles


 After quilting I stopped in to see Patti.  Her leg looks much improved since I last saw it before my trip.  The swelling has gone down a lot, though she said it does tend to swell somewhat by the end of each day, and the scarring looks like it will be incredibly minimal.  Patti's currently getting around the house (wearing the boot) with the aid of a crutch; her physical therapist wants her putting weight on it as much as possible.  Unfortunately there's still the nerve pain to deal with, but maybe she'll get some additional answers when she sees the doctor today.

I made a bunch of phone calls and did some additional unpacking - and then I caught up on some taped TV episodes before dinner.  Alex (and Tyga) came by in the evening, and delivered the mesh bag I'd made him.  I need to 'whip up' some samples for the class I'll be giving (!) shortly after I return from the hot springs this summer, and think it's "prudent" to get those done before my trip.  Hopefully having his bag in front of me will help 'remind' me of how it was done!

This morning I filled and cleaned the pool, swept porches, watered plants, did laundry, etc.  Shelley came by around lunch time to get pool-sitting instructions - and says that Rob is looking forward to the fixing-the-diving-board project.  Sure is a win/win proposition: they'll have a pool to use just a few houses down from theirs, we'll have someone to keep it clean and maintain the water level.

This bush (don't know what it's called) outside the back door is blooming madly, and is pretty.  But can't say the same for its "aroma".

The peach tree, on the other hand, only seems to have a couple of peaches on it - literally! - despite the fact that it had lots of blossoms earlier in the season.  Last year we had a bumper crop, but apparently that will not be the case this year.  Usually we are enjoying delicious ripe peaches around the first of June, so that's rather disappointing.

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