Saturday, May 27, 2017

Working on my project for the hot springs auction piece, I needed to print up a pattern for the woman's swirling hair.  When it came out too small, I resized it and tried again.  Of course I thought I had enlarged it the way I wanted, but the printer decided to make it cover the entire page.  Once I realized that I hit the CANCEL button on the printer, which stopped in the middle of printing that copy and spit it out.  But then it started printing another copy.  We went through this cycle a number of times (I'm a slow learner?)  before I decided to try another tack, turning off the printer.  Unfortunately when I turned it back on it started the same cycle again.  On the printer's menu I could not find an option to actually cancel the printing, so I tried my lap top.  But unlike on my old desktop, where MY COMPUTER took me where I needed to go, on my laptop the Printer options are well hidden (because who would want to use them....?!) and I had to call Geek Squad for help.

Eventually we got that sorted out and I got my various pieces printed.  I needed to get 3 of them enlarged, so I took a drive over to the print shop.  Unfortunately when I got there I discovered <sigh> that they are closed on the weekends.... 

Since I can't move ahead on that project
I guess I can start work on the mesh bags instead.

In the meantime, enjoy a few of these landscape quilts from yesterday's 'tour' (see, I did remember the names of the quilters!)

Melody Randol:

Shirley Gisi:

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