Sunday, May 28, 2017

Picked up Nancy's stash of bobbins for Monica yesterday afternoon, and then dropped off The Forgetting Time for Patti since I had enjoyed it so much.  She wasn't home; Joel had surprised her by 'dropping in' unexpectedly after I spoke with her earlier in the day.  He's going to drive back to Texas with his girlfriend, a teacher here who gets to spend the summer teaching there.

Last night Bill was unable to join us (a bummer for Tom), but Cindy, Tom and I enjoyed our dinner at The Rogue Tomato while listening to excellent music provided by The Sonoran Dogs. (They'll be back there again the end of August, though not sure exactly when I'll be returning from Colorado.)

Lots of reminiscing (time sure flies, doesn't it?!) remembering other concerts, like when Peter's band was Flying South, and they played at our Arizona wedding celebration in Kingman back in '88.

Tom left this morning on his annual rock-collecting trip, though he didn't get quite the early start he had hoped.  I, on the other hand, was awake and up before 4:30.  That means I should be able to get a lot accomplished today, right?

And then there's always the chance (!) that I'll make it to Boot Camp at the gym this afternoon.  Haven't been in a long time, but need to get back in that groove again.  And even if I only last 15 or 20 minutes, that's better than not going, right?

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