Monday, May 15, 2017

We had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday, though missed Marilyn this year.

Both kids called, though without any voice I sure couldn't talk, and that makes it tough to hold much of a conversation.  At this end, without access to my outside voice, I was reduced to writing notes to Mom.

Mom loved her flower placemats. 


I admit the fabrics are pretty, and feel I did a good job of coordinating fabrics for the borders.  But I wasn't at all happy with the new method's final result - probably because I feel pretty strongly about 90 degree angles!  Maybe only another quilter would notice the imperfections... or maybe it's just that moms will love any gift their kids make them?!

We got Chinese take-out for lunch (always a big hit with this crowd!) and a bit later in the afternoon Ed and the boys came over.

Happy Mother's Day, Sandy!

They brought along a wonderful gift for giraffe-lover Bana.

Harry had brought his fidget spinner with him.
I'd heard about the new craze, but hadn't yet seen one.

Charlie played the piano for me.  While he takes violin lessons (and apparently plays quite well, though I've never had the chance to hear him) he has been picking up piano on his own. Clearly he has a knack for music!

 And I did get a few shots of this happy couple.

And Pippa, of course.

She managed to get a little more love from one of her biggest fans.

Today won't be quite as much fun for Pippa; she goes to the vet for another blood draw (which she hates) to monitor her thyroid issues.

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