Thursday, May 4, 2017

Today I got to spend the day with Mom.  We did all sorts of things and the day sped by.  Among other things I figured out where gMail had hidden her Print button, went through all of the needlework patterns she was getting rid of, and played our first game of Russian Bank in decades (it came back to us without too much difficulty.)

She had waited for me to open her gift from Marilyn.  Although her birthday isn't until tomorrow (she did receive a bunch of cards today), we will be "celebrating" her special day driving to NY so today made more sense.

Because we'll be gone through Monday "there wasn't anything to eat in the house" <g> so we were
'forced' to lunch at the pub.  I always enjoy their crab soup, and also shared Mom's wrap with her.  With food on our mind, we made plans to lunch on Tuesday with Ann, my childhood BFF's mom (who is turning 98 and still going gang-busters) along with my uncle Allen, who is 95 and also hale and hearty.  For dinner we met friends JJ and Mildred.  As expected, I am doing a lot of eating already - and expect to bring a few extra pounds with me when I return to my gym workouts... Mom made me <g> have chocolate cake for dessert tonight.

(Still) speaking of food, this afternoon Mom got an edible delivery (thank you, Tom!) which we will take with us tomorrow for noshing during the drive.

Andy is still working on getting me set up to audit his Evidence class.  Like so many things, it should be easier than it's turning out to be, and I'm sorry he's having to spend so much time and energy trying to get it to work.

We're all packing tonight, and then should be able to relax and finish the movie we started last night.

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