Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I've been doing some house cleaning and mucking. 
Already I've found some interesting things....

It was a productive morning, but in the afternoon I took a break and watched Of Mice and Men (the 1992 version with John Malkovich, Gary Sinese, and Ray Walston) and it was downhill from there, since I ended up watching several more.  Did enjoy a fun movie I'd never even heard of: EDtv.  The cast included a host of recognizables - including Matthew McConaughy, Woody Harrelson, Ellen DeGeneres, Jenna Elfman, Rob Reiner, and Martin Landau -  and was directed by Ron Howard.

In a desperate attempt to boost ratings, a cable channel decides to document the life of someone on a daily basis and air the footage as a show. That lucky someone turns out to be Ed Pekurny (Matthew McConaughey), a laid-back video-store clerk. While the TV series makes Ed an overnight celebrity, it also begins to wreak havoc on his personal life, complicating his relationship with his new girlfriend, Shari (Jenna Elfman), and causing tension with his brother, Ray (Woody Harrelson).

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