Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yesterday's colonoscopy was uneventful - mostly because (as usual) I slept through the entire procedure.  Also dozed off and on throughout the afternoon and evening, AND slept until 8:00 this morning.  Now will just wait for the biopsy results on the polyp that was removed.  I came home with 4 photos from the procedure, but assume <g> no one is interested in seeing those.

I'm still somewhat sore from Friday's upper body workout, but was back at the gym this morning for a leg session.  Again, after not working them for several weeks I do expect to be sore tomorrow (and Thursday?) at least.  The good news is that from now on I'll be going in at the same time on Tuesdays and Fridays, which should make it easier to avoid confusion and be there at the right time!

This afternoon was spent running in circles after I headed to SAS to pick up the materials to get started on the demo bags for my class the end of the summer. 

I got off I-17 at Dunlap, but when I got to 19th Ave. I turned south.  By the time I got several miles down the road and didn't find it I began to think maybe I should have turned north.  A quick call to Wanda confirmed that SAS is just north of Dunlap so I made a U-turn. But once in the store I discovered that they do not carry the plastic mesh fabric, so I had to zoom over to 35th Ave. While they did carry the mesh, their color choice was limited and they did not have some of the colors I was looking for.  Picked up what I could and then it was back to SAS to find coordinating webbing (again, some of the colors I needed weren't available.

This evening we're meeting Rich and Suzie for dinner, sort of a thank-you for their hospitality to Tom down in Rocky Point. 

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