Thursday, May 11, 2017

I wore myself out yesterday afternoon <g> just watching an episode of The Crown on my laptop in bed, and ended up going back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  When I woke up in the evening I did feel well enough (finally!) to get out of bed and go upstairs for some chicken soup - just as Sandy was heading down to make sure I was still alive.

While I got another good night's sleep last night, it was interrupted around 4:00 when I heard voices.  Turned out the although I had reduced The Crown when I finished watching it in the afternoon, and then I closed up my laptop before I went to sleep last night, somehow (!?) it had started up again in the middle of the night.  Of course it took me a little while to figure out what was going on - but that's just another example of how technology loves to mess with me!

I slept until the ungodly hour of 9:00 this morning (proof that I really AM sick) and once I've 'rested' up a bit <g> will head upstairs for a bite to eat. 

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