Saturday, May 13, 2017

Still had no appetite for dinner last night (though I have been drinking lots of water) and I didn't wake up feeling all better - was actually quite congested, probably from being horizontal all night.  But after an hour or so of coughing and nose-blowing (my bug seems to have morphed into a cold) I got things fairly cleared out, and seem to be better than yesterday.  Looking forward to my next dose of meds (daily at noon), and also think that maybe after a shower in a bit I should feel a whole lot better.

It's possible that Ed & Emily and the kids will come over here this afternoon after Gordon's First Communion, the thinking being that I could give them their wedding quilt then.  Yes, I would love to see their faces when they open it. But on the other hand I definitely don't want to pass along germs to any of them, especially to Emily who is pregnant, so I might end up staying downstairs. While I know she's exposed to lots of stuff from the four kids (and her job as an ER nurse) I would hate to end up being Typhoid Mary.

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