Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This morning I took a soak, and then got sidetracked doing a whole bunch of yardwork, so I was an hour "late" checking in for tomorrow's flight.  However, the $30 I paid apparently worked: I've been assigned A 43 for tomorrow's flight, and in theory should have no problem getting "my" seat, an aisle in the back.  However, Tom had no luck making the printer happy, and despite his reboot I got the same "printer offline" error message.  So I asked Patti if she would print my boarding pass for me.  Which she did, though I really lucked out, because right after that she tried to print something for herself, but their printer was out of ink.

I got to the gym half an hour early by mistake (Tuesdays are 10:30, Fridays are 10:00) so after my warmups I did some cardio on the elliptical and then got a head-start on my leg workout.  I'll miss four sessions while I'm gone, though of course I could workout on Sandy's elliptical at the house.

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