Sunday, May 21, 2017

I am working on an idea for my annual wall-hanging entry for the hot springs auction.  This summer their focus is on raising money for additional telescopes for their astronomy program, so I’m creating a “reach for the stars” themed applique project.  And yesterday, just a few days after I ordered it, the half-yard of perfect starry sky fabric arrived in the mail.

Today's big "excitement" is prepping for tomorrow's colonoscopy.  Yesterday I popped down the street to Walmart for the Light Gatorade (I'd already picked up the required tablets and powder before my trip) as delineated in my instructions - and they didn't have any! So later this morning I will head off in search of that.  In an effort to "move things along" <g> I quit solid food and started on my clear liquid diet yesterday, 24 hours ahead of schedule.

It was delightfully cool when I returned home on Tuesday, though it warmed up each day.  Today we're supposed to hit triple digits, and stay that way for a while.  Naturally that's no real surprise this time of year in Phoenix - but we don't have to be thrilled about it, right?  At least there's no yardwork on my agenda today, because there's no place to stuff any trimmage!

I was sorry to finish News of the World yesterday, but already have added another one of Paulette Jiles' books to my Hold List at the library, along with several other books from Book Bub recommendations that arrive in my e-mail daily. So I should have no shortage of reading material.  Also ordered the Evidence tome for Andy's class, though that will be much tougher reading and thus likely done in much smaller doses!

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