Friday, May 12, 2017

I still wasn't feeling much better this morning, so I decided a trip to the doctor was in order.  He felt that starting antibiotics would be "prudent", so I started them at lunch today and now am just waiting for them to kick in.  With a little luck I'll wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better!  In the meantime, my stomach has been unsettled all afternoon.  The pharmacist did warn me about that possibility, though said taking the medication with food, which I did, should help keep that from happening.

At least I've stayed awake today, which is somewhat of an improvement.

"Nurse" Sandy thought she wouldn't have much to do today, but first she took me to Urgent Care (in Clarksville) and then to pick up my Rx in Ellicott City (my med card is only good at Walmart, and that was the closest one) and then this afternoon she had to pick up the grandkids at school because Ed was having an emergency root canal.

Never a dull moment...

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