Monday, May 1, 2017

This morning I paid some bills (the one for the house insurance was the most painful!) and made some phone calls, getting ready to be gone for a couple of weeks. 

Mary stopped by this afternoon to see the wedding quilt, and agreed that it's beautiful.  She also approved of my other projects, and admired Nancy's quilts.  We never did get to lunch or a movie, but will make that happen once I return.

I was a little worried about how Patti's 1st PT appointment this morning would go, but she reported that it "didn't hurt too bad" - and she can move her foot a lot further now!  That's very good news, and of course I expect she'll have made considerably more progress by the time I return from Maryland in mid-May.

The mallards were back, though seemed happy just to rest on the pool deck rather than swim - at least while I was watching. 

She looks like she's getting ready to jump in, but was just shaking her leg.

Alex called today.  He says that he has been continuing to wear his protective sandal shoe, and that his toe continues to feel better each day. 

Also that he'll possibly be home next week instead of meeting up with the tour, though of course his work plans are always fluid, and change frequently.  At least this was not the music tour he was really looking forward to; that one is still on his summer schedule.

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