Sunday, April 30, 2017

The wedding and baby quilts got finished yesterday, with both labels attached and snuggly flannel binding blind-stitched to the baby one.   Now just one more project to finish before I can pack up all the goodies for my trip.

When I stopped at Patti's yesterday afternoon to drop off two movies from the library that I'd enjoyed (a third one was a dud) I finally got to see her foot/leg.  Of course there's still swelling, a lot of dead skin that still needs to be sloughed off, and some leftover scabs from all the blood blisters - but I think the actual incisions look great, and the scarring on both sides where the plates went in will be minimal.  She'd had a bad several days of feeling sick, and unfortunately she's also still in a lot of pain; says it feels like her foot is on fire.

Joel is in town for the weekend, so I did get to see him when he came by to see his mom (with a couple of friends who brought their cute golden retriever puppy with them).  I know Patti was looking forward to seeing him, and I think he plans to spend all of today over there. That should help cheer her up!

Since my next stop was the library I was able to return several of her books for her, and picked up the latest Hold arrival, one for Tom.  It was listed as an MP3 (the only format for that book that was available) so we were clueless as to whether or not would work on his laptop - though the guy at the desk assured me that it doesn't need any special device.  Since it looks just like a 'regular' CD we're hopeful!

On the way home I turned the radio back on, and NPR was airing the Moth Radio Hour.  I'd missed the beginning of the story, told by a teacher about her 3rd grade mercenaries, but this morning was able to pull it up and listen from the beginning. As it turns out I hadn't missed more than a minute or two of the segment. Enjoy!

For our anniversary last night we dined at The Rogue Tomato, where both of us really enjoyed our meals.  Turns out they present live music on Saturday nights, and I also enjoyed listening to the Blues and Soul duo entertaining there last night.  But it was when we first walked in that I got really excited, because there was a poster for The Sonoran Dogs, with a picture of Peter and his bandmates, with two dates listed.  They had already played a Saturday in February - but will also be playing the end of May. (Poor picture with my cell phone in the dim entryway; Peter is the one who got glared out from the flash.)

I texted Cindy right away to see if she'd could join me that night (Tom will probably have left for Oregon by then)  and she wrote back excitedly "I'm having dinner with you and the Dogs!!! Writing it in ink right now :-)"

In the evening Tom and I watched Tracks, a film about a young woman
in the 70s trekking across Australia with camels. 

We enjoyed the movie, but had the same issues as this reviewer:

The true story of Robyn Davidson's adventure and her crossing of a 1,700 mile across the Australian wilderness. Whilst it is undoubtedly an amazing feat to be able to achieve this, the sheer remarkableness of this achievement is not conveyed in this film properly. Had we not been aware that this is based on a true story, judging by the film alone one could go so far as to say this was a relatively 'easy' task. The isolation she faced, starvation and dehydration are hardly presented. Instead she seemed to often interact with people who helped her. At the same time, the stunning landscapes, the might of her determination as well as her complete dependency on the camels and a dog is adequately portrayed. Overall, this is a mixed bag of impressions. A good film overall, but it deserved to be great.

I would love to find a copy of the May 1978 National Geographic and read the original article.

Now it's time to get some sewing done while it's still morning.  In the afternoon we're going to look around at Home Depot for some ideas, mostly to see if we're on the same page for a planned kitchen remodel this Fall.

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