Monday, April 24, 2017

I stopped in at Marcie & Mike's new place; the kitchen and bathrooms are now in and look great, though they weren't there. But I did leave a message with the guy working on the shower, and sure enough Marcie came over a little later, with their Chihuahua Latina.  (Had hoped Tyga would be here so they could play again since they had so much fun the first time.) Mike picked her up after he was done at the house, and got to meet Tom.  We're definitely looking forward to having them as neighbors.

They had hoped to be able to move in by the end of this month, but doesn't look like that's going to happen despite their heroic efforts. One of the sub-contractors is holding things up, which of course holds up the final inspection.

Alex and Aja and Tyga made it over around 4:00.  Just found out today that she was in the ER over the weekend and turns out she has rhabdomyolsis.  The symptoms sound terrible enough, but even worse it's affecting her kidneys. Then yesterday the heavy ramp to the semi at work slipped and landed on Alex's big toe.  He's pretty sure it's broken (he says the pain was incredible, and I believe it) and we just sent him over to Urgent Care for an x-ray.  I'd had him call TOCA today (they did my thumb surgery, and Patti's ankle surgery) but unless he has proof of a broken bone they can't see him for another week.

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