Sunday, April 9, 2017

Patti is finally starting to feel better.  It seems the antibiotics are taking care of the pneumonia, and her heightened sense of smell that had everything turning her stomach may be backing off.  She was counting the days (2) until she was done with that particular antibiotic, but since yesterday she was able to eat the lunch that Vicki and Marcia brought over without her nose plugs, things are looking up a little early.

Gary was not yet home yesterday afternoon when Patti said I might as well head home to my 'other' life since she was going to sit out back in the fresh air for an hour and read. Zach was there, and in any event I am only a mile and a phone call away.  We'd gotten her showered that morning (after 6 weeks we really have the entire procedure down to a fine-tuned art) and since she is FINALLY feeling better I felt okay deserting her. 

Gary will be home for a week, and then we will decide what to do when he leaves again.  It may be that she will feel okay to not have a "baby-sitter" over there... though she was already worrying about who will help her out when I leave for Maryland the beginning of May. Maybe it's just been so long (6 weeks) since she has felt okay that she's forgotten how that feels!

Last night I got a call from Nancy's husband Steve (I was the Busy Bees liason who contacted him for information after her death) who wanted some advice on what to do with the rest of her fabric stash and other sewing stuff.  We decided to bring it to the next Busy Bees meeting, on April 19, and let the ladies buy what they want.  Since he needs help deciding what is worthwhile schlepping over there (no surprise that he isn't at all sure he can get cram it all into one vehicle) I have offered to go over this morning and help him sort through it. 

At the end of our conversation he casually mentioned the issue of what to do with the  "rest of her quilts".  I suggested that there might be family and friends he could gift them to - but he said that Nancy had already made 'everyone' a quilt, so he will also bring the remaining quilts (many of which we got to admire again during her January trunk show) to our meeting and the ladies can fight over who gets to buy them.  I know I will be bringing my checkbook!

Aja should be picking up Tyga after today's work shift, which is always a bummer for us (it's been great having the little guy here) but all the more so since we are not likely to be seeing much of him from now on.  Her new place, a house with a yard, is on the other side of the Valley and only 5 minutes from work.  So it looks like our dog-sitting weekends are over.   It was a lot of fun while it lasted, and maybe he'll come over to visit every now and then.  Of course we'll also see a lot less of Alex, because when he's home I expect him to be spending much of his time over there instead of over here.

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