Thursday, April 13, 2017

This morning I called Tom's cardiologist to speak to the PA, and she called me back within an hour or so.  Her explanation of the situation was clear and concise: Yes the circumflex artery, one of the four in the original quadruple bypass, is now completely blocked (and that surgery was only 4 years ago!) but surgery is not an option.  However there has been 'retrograde flexing' (don't I sound knowledgeable?) which means that some feeders have sprung up and seem to be taking care of business. Tom will be on a new med to lower his blood pressure, and hopefully that will help head off issues that might otherwise arise.

This morning I puttered around the house (doing laundry, changing sheets, watering plants, etc.) and then ran some errands.  TOQS did not have the fabric I need to bind the wedding quilt, though I did get to see the five gorgeous Round Robin quilts the class there had just completed.  (Of course they wanted to see my quilt, which they vociferously admired.)  So I made a schlep down to 35th Ave. after all, but at least I did score the yard of that fabric I needed - and that was ALL I bought!

On the way home I picked up Tom's new Rx (he can start it when he gets back from Mexico) and picked up a couple of books waiting for me at the library.  If the past is any indication, more should come in later this afternoon...

While I was doing my errands Alex collected a bucket of rocks from the horse pasture next door (as requested) and once Raphael finishes mowing I can pile them in the ditch where the dirt has seriously eroded around the gates.  Tom had asked me to call and cancel the mowing because the ditch wasn't that bad - but "somehow" I never got around to it.  Forgot all about it until I came home and he was almost finished back there.

Alex left for Cochella, so I got more of the fruit (strawberries, blackberries, and a pineapple) and one of the huge blocks of cheese that came home with him from Country Thunder.  Later I'll go over and bring over a flat of apples (Pokey will love them) and one of the big bags of potatoes.  Obviously I'm not going to starve even without the resident chef in attendance.

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