Saturday, April 15, 2017

Last night I put the salmon on to grill on low while I watched the evening news.  But when I went to get it, it hadn't finished cooking. Seems I'd run out of gas.  So I put it under the broiler inside, and ate a little later than planned.  Last time I tried to grill salmon (over at Patti's) their grill had an empty tank.  Salmon used to be one of my well-received 'standby' meals, but lately it just hasn't been working out as planned.

Stayed up late again reading, though when I finally turned off my light at midnight I still had a couple of chapters to go.  So I expected (or at least hoped) to sleep in a little, and was not thrilled to wake up around 5:00 this morning.  Guess I'd better get going and be productive early since no doubt I may run out of steam earlier than usual today.

Yesterday on NPR I caught a segment about a regional robotics contest won by students from Tucson's Palo Verde High Magnet School. "The 15 students, ranging from eighth to 12th grade, had six weeks to design, build, program and test their robot. The challenge was a game to prepare a long-distance airship for flight."

Completing the challenge itself is amazing enough - but this was the part that most impressed me:  

"The Palo Verde students’ winning machine cost $700 to build, with support from local companies. They beat 41 teams, including one with a robot that cost $30,000 that was built with the help of professionals from a NASA center and several aerospace companies in Southern California."

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