Sunday, April 2, 2017

I found out later Saturday afternoon that Gary had taken Patti to the ER.  From her symptoms there was some thought that she had a blood clot in her leg, though thankfully tests did not show that.  However (!) they did end up admitting her to the hospital... with pneumonia!  

Wanda and I left Flagstaff this morning earlier than the rest of the ladies so I could get home in time to shower, change, and make it to the Celebration of Life for Nancy.  As instructed I wore purple (Nancy's favorite color) and enjoyed hearing all the positive stories from many of her friends.  A generous and giving person who always had a smile on her face (and loved to wear bright and outrageous outfits), Nancy will be missed by all.

This afternoon Alex tried to get e-mail onto my laptop (after Geek Squad failed, and also Zach) and he had no luck, either.  I may be returning it to the store.  You'd think getting e-mail would be THE easiest thing to do on a computer... 

I spoke with Patti this afternoon, and she has no idea how long they will be keeping her in the hospital.  Maybe she'll know more by tomorrow; I'll go visit her while I'm waiting for Tom's stent procedure in the same hospital.

Soon I hope to post pix from last weekend's quilt show.  On the drive up to Flagstaff Wednesday Wanda was telling me about the quilter, Maggie Hagen, who made this quilt.  She has won many awards over the years for her outstanding applique quilts.  

But think she's your typical little-old-lady quilter?  HARDLY!  The following article, from 2007, may shed some light on how she had so much time (!) to perfect her skills... she served time in prison on numerous occasions!  In addition to murder and arson, her story includes theft, forgery, tampering with a computer, fraudulent schemes, and bigamy!

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