Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It was a relatively uneventful workout at the gym, this morning, although of course I won't really know until tomorrow morning. Afterward I whipped up a healthy (and delicious) smoothie for lunch and then headed over to Patti's for a couple of hours. Got home about the same time Alex did, and heard about his fantastic time at the Coachella music festival.

Tom got home from Mexico around 3:30. He also had a wonderful time, and caught lots of fish. Although he stayed covered up most of the time, one of his legs got that nasty sun rash "in just 10 minutes" standing in the sun talking with someone.

Alex hooked the trailer up to Tom's pick-up when Steve got home from work, and then was a major help in loading all of Nancy's stuff. It took half an hour, and we filled up the trailer, back of the truck, and the back seat. Steve followed us to the church in his car, where we set up all the tables and then proceeded to unload everything. At that point I sent Alex home (he'd done his part, loading and unloading for the past hour) and Steve, the 'other' Nancy, and I got to work unpacking and organizing.

After 2 hours my back was done so we decided we'd made enough progress and called it quits, and Steve drove me home. Nancy and I will be back at it tomorrow morning around 8:00, which should  be enough time to finish... I hope! Alex did admit that he hadn't expected that volume of stuff, and understood why I wanted/needed to use the truck and trailer.  He snapped some photos of the load for me, but I don't have them yet.

After I showered we went out for dinner at Valle Luna. Tuesday is Senior Night, and it's usually mobbed. But because it was so late we missed the worst of the crowd and didn't have to wait for a table. Speaking of food - none of the fish Tom brought back was any good so he had to toss it. Very disappointing for all of us!

We were expecting his new friends Roy and Elaine, who live in Sedona, tomorrow; the guys were going to 'play' in the shop while she attended the Nancy sale. I've never met them (their first visit to the house was while I was at quilt camp in Flagstaff) and we were looking forward to meeting and doing "quilty" stuff. But while hiking today she broke her ankle and needed to be rescued. It sounds bad, almost a rerun of Patti's experience, so obviously they are not heading down here tomorrow.

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