Saturday, April 22, 2017

Yesterday I spent an hour cleaning the back porch.  After scrubbing down the "leftovers" where Pokey's winter crate lives (Alex moved it since she won't need it until next Fall) I gave the porch a preliminary sweeping before I hosed everything down.  Yes it would be nice if the porch would drain outward, but since it doesn't I have to keep sweeping the water away from all the low spots if I want it to dry before next week.  It certainly looks spiffy, and ready for us to enjoy (at least until it gets too hot.)

This morning I was up at 5:00 so I got an early start to my day.  After a pleasant soak I filled and cleaned the pool so it's nice and sparkly (and doesn't feel that chilly, at least standing on the top step) and then did a bunch of yardwork while it was still nice and cool.  I sawed down a lot of limbs from the volunteer palm tree (they are nasty, with really sharp edges on the frond 'stems') that has been blocking my view from the hot tub, and after they were removed I was able to saw through the naked trunk.  Once that intruder was out of the way I trimmed that oleander, so my view is vastly improved now.

Yesterday I finished up the baby quilt top so it's ready to be quilted.  I haven't had any luck finding the double-sided fusible fleece (35th Ave. said they sometimes carry it, though not at the moment) so it appears I will need to quilt the placemats after all.  And I need to create the quilt labels for Lynn to print on Monday.

But first, breakfast!

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