Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yesterday I fought with the computer to deal with the pix from yesterday's meeting.  Nothing is easy with my laptop, but (with Tom's help) I was able to get it done.  Now Joy has the pix to go with our Chatter submission (due in a couple of days) and all the pix are on our Shutterfly site for those ladies who had to miss yesterday's meeting.  Though, as always, I still can't get the album to show at the top of the Pictures page.  And yes, Linda's explained it to me - and more than once! So once again I had to call her and ask her to move them. 

Often Linda has bypassed the issue by making and placing the folder for me to drop the photos into, but she's got a lot on her plate these days. She is often exhausted from taking care of 3-year-old Zahn. Kids can be especially tiring for those of us "of a certain age".

It was a simple matter this morning to get my password from AQG, and then it was surprisingly easy (as Sharon said) to renew my membership on-line.  What a shock!

There is actually NOTHING on my agenda today! Tom is off on his postponed fishing trip to Rocky Point, and Alex is off to the Cochella music festival.  Both will be back the beginning of the week.  Patti doesn't need me until Sunday, so I have a few days to rattle around here by myself. 

In theory I can get a lot done - or I can just relax!

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