Friday, April 7, 2017

Yesterday I waited considerably past the 2:00 "deadline" before I went to pick up my meds.  Yep, you guessed it; there were still only 6 pills waiting for me.  When I said I'd been told they'd been ordered and were supposed to be in by 2:00 he checked.... and sure enough they were there in the back, but of course it would take time to fill the order and I couldn't wait.  Needed to get over to Patti's to help her shower so I'd be ready to pick up Tom when the hospital called.

As for his procedure - the hospital called around 4:00 to give me a pick-up time of 5:45 (about when I expected he would be ready)... but also told me that they didn't put in a stent after all.  Apparently when the doctor got in there he discovered that there was no blockage; the stress test had registered a false positive.  So it's good news that his arteries aren't clogging up, though a drag that he still had to go through the procedure. 

While I was waiting to pick him up I relaxed and watched a movie Patti had recommended, City Island, and really enjoyed it. Very entertaining, though no real surprises in the plot.  Also in the afternoon Karl, one of the neighborhood boys (11?) stopped by and offered to mow our front yard for $5.  I took him up on the offer, though told him that wasn't enough and I'd pay him $10.  Though the grass wasn't as horribly overgrown as it has been some times, it definitely looks a lot better now, and when Tom got home he wondered if (at that price) we could sign up Karl to do it from now on!

Could not fall asleep last night (worried about Tom? about Patti?) until sometime after midnight - so I was surprised to be up this morning around 6:00.  I hope to have a good session at the gym later this morning, and then will head back over to Patti's for another night.  Wonder how she felt on her own last night, the first time in 6 weeks!

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