Thursday, April 27, 2017

One of today's priorities was to (finally!) get the quilt labels done. 

Unfortunately I ran into several snags.  First, although our printer was turned on, my laptop said it was not online - so I ended up e-mailing the labels to Lynn to print up so we could run them through her printer with the photograph onto the fabric paper. But when I went to pull out a sheet, all I had left were little leftover bits and pieces not nearly large enough.  After a call to Joann's I discovered they had one packet left in stock, so I had them hold it while I zoomed over.  

At least we had no issue printing over at Lynn's (which was a pleasant surprise) and once home I soaked off the backing paper and ironed them dry.  

Now I just need to sew them on (of course I have to actually quilt the baby quilt before it can get its label...)

Later I stopped over at Patti's to drop off the Netflix.  She'll be starting PT on Monday, which is not likely to be much fun; her foot still continues to hurt, and PT is only going to exacerbate that.  Hope she can get a refill on her pain meds!

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