Monday, April 24, 2017

I did get the first placemat completed yesterday, though I can't say I'm happy with the final result.  Although I will make the other three in the set the same way, pretty sure I'll go back to the regular way of making placemats from now on.

Last night I good a really good night's sleep (no doubt it helped that I took a pill at 2:00 am after my nightly excursion), not waking up until 7:30!  Once up I had a productive morning, spent mopping and cleaning before heading out on errands.  In less than 30 minutes (and within a 2-mile radius) I was able to cross five (!) things off my list: dropping off a due DVD at the library, getting a duplicate set of Patti's keys made at the hardware store, dropping off Carol's book at Park Meadows, dropping off some rummage sale things, and returning Gary's set of keys to Patti. 

I'm still organizing my quilting stuff (and the extra tubs I got on Wednesday should help) but things are looking better than they did!

So now that I've taken a break, it's back to work to continue the progress.

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