Sunday, April 16, 2017

Today marks 8 years without Dad.  I miss him all the time - so many things remind me of him - but for the most part I focus on the many, many happy memories.

Yesterday did turn out to be quite productive.  The bulk of the day was spent working on the almost 400 inches of binding for the wedding quilt while I watched movies (like The Great Escape) on TV. While I didn't quite finish the final step, blind-stitching by hand, I have turned the final corner, both figuratively and literally!  (And pretty sure Dad would be proud of how much I've improved on my corners. <g>)

Also brokered the sale of Nancy's featherweight machine to Jeannie.  She was pleased to add another one, in good shape, to her collection, and Steve was pleased with the good price she offered. 

When Jeannie came over to do that she brought Ron with her (he's in town for his annual visit, servicing numerous long-arm machines in the area, and staying at her house) to view the museum.  They both admired and approved of the wonderful job Irene did on the wedding quilt. (FYI Irene had had to wait to load my quilt onto her machine until after he serviced it.)

As the day wore on yesterday my quads spoke to me in increasing strength, until by last evening they were pretty much screaming at me.  It might have helped if I'd soaked in the hot tub Friday after the workout, but of course the yard was underwater from irrigation, and I hate to wade through it and make yet more depressions (though of course Pokey does that with wild abandon.)  I had expected to wake up today even worse, though so far at least that's not the case.  Of course yesterday I did not wake up terribly sore either but by late afternoon and evening had difficult getting up and down, so that could happen again today.  At least this morning I was able to take a pre-emptive soak.

Today I'll be back over at Patti's for a bit, though as expected with her recent progress I do not need to move in for the week while Gary is gone.  Instead I'll just spend time over there each day to help out (showering, errands, etc.) 

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