Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yesterday's Mexican Fiesta with Busy Bees and Daisy Mountain Quilters was a lot of fun.  I took lots of photos of folks in front of Donna's quilt, though have not had time to resize/crop/post them to our site. (Maybe tonight, when I will be home Tom-sitting instead of Patti-sitting.)  There was a choice of props, and I chose the colorful pinata for mine.

Good food and conversation - and colorful decorations.

I won some of the raffle items I was hoping to bring home. 
(It may have helped that I bought $20-worth of tickets.) 

At least I am all set for Marilyn's next gift.  When I also won THE door prize, a wonderful basket chock-full of goodies (including LOTS of fabric that doesn't show in this picture, as well as a gift certificate to Macayo's Restaurant) I decided to regift it back and have them pull someone else's ticket - which ended up being a win for Ada.

There was one item I had hoped to win - 6 yards of fun kid fabric - 
but one of the Daisy Mountain ladies won that.  

These quilts were a decoration at the prize table - and are the exact same pattern.  What a difference fabric choices can make!!!

Patti had a not-so-good day yesterday, mainly because of her latest symptom: hyperosmia.  That's when normal smells (like her lemon-scented dish soap, or her favorite hand lotion) all of a sudden smell horrible.  

Turns out it's not an uncommon side-effect of her antibiotics, and unfortunately she's got another week to go with them.  Everything is making her gag, so this morning I headed over to the pool store as soon as it opened and got her some nose-clips, which seemed to help her get down some strawberries for breakfast.  She is definitely ready to stop feeling so crappy!

Then there was another issue with her pain meds, which will run out over the weekend.  She tried calling the doc's office, but every time she got through the automated system the phone call was dropped.  Not surprising that after 20 minutes she was quite frustrated.  We finally got through to triage, and eventually I got a call back.  The doc isn't going to reissue the heavy-duty meds but instead something different.  On the plus side, this is one they could call in to the pharmacy, so I didn't have to make an extra stop at the doc's office to pick up a scrip to drop off at the pharmacy after dropping off Tom for his stent. No phone call (yet ?) that his procedure has been cancelled again, so I assume it will go ahead as scheduled... 

After dropping off Tom I made a trip to the post office to mail off a large packet of  "corrected" (as of 3/24) tax info to my preparer that had arrived in our mail; why they can't get it right the first time is beyond me.  And of course my taxes were done and filed electronically a while ago, so these last-minute corrections are frustrating and annoying.

It's now after 2:00, so I can swing by my pharmacy and (theoretically) pick up a 3- month refill.  When I stopped in yesterday they only had a partial fill.... only 6 of the 90 tablets.  The rest had to be ordered, to be in today by 2.  Again, why I didn't get an automated call to that effect (saving me a trip) is frustrating.  Seems like an easy enough thing to do, right?  

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