Friday, April 21, 2017

Yes Wednesday was a LONG day - but ultimately quite productive. At 8:00 Nancy and I resumed unpacking/organizing the fabric for the sale.  Other ladies started arriving earlier than the usual 9:00, so we had some additional help, but though we still were busy getting ready when the vultures eager shoppers arrived.  Among other duties I woman-ed the check-out table, where I was "accused" <g> of vastly under-pricing things - and in fact more than one woman paid me more than the price I asked.  After the ladies checked out with their first stack of fabric and realized that "the more they bought the more they'd save" most went back for seconds, and many for thirds.  We also sold almost half of the quilts, and no surprise that all the winners of the silent auction were thrilled with their new acquisitions.  Despite the mountains of fabric that went to new homes (the Daisy Mountain quilter in charge of charity bought a large pile to use for their charity quilts for just $100, and I hope the less-than-official handwritten receipt 'for a zillion yards' I gave her allows her to be reimbursed) there was a fair amount of unclaimed fabric to pack up afterward, even after I made yet another swing past all the tables and bought a "few" more pieces.  At least with all the help that went reasonably quickly, and Sandy is going to try to sell it to her group of quilting ladies in Sun City.

Wednesday afternoon I delivered Joyce's quilt, picked up the next Book Club selection at the library, dropped off the unsold quilts and some checks from some of the sold ones to Steve (our treasurer Carol will be mailing him a Busy Bee check for his portion of the fabric sale proceeds), helped Patti take her shower, and then headed to Carol's just a mile or so from here to pick up the quilt rack that wouldn't fit into my car (because the 5 suitcases going back to Steve took up the trunk and part of the back seat, and I also had several sizeable, though empty, tubs.)  Not surprisingly by that time in the late afternoon I was more than ready to just be at home and veg - but even I saw the humor in the situation when the rack would not quite fit far enough into the trunk so we could close it, and we could not quite maneuver it through the doorways into the back seat, or front seat.  Sort of like an episode of The Three Stooges Load a Quilt Rack. We realized that IF I folded down the back seats it would create the necessary room in the 'trunk', but I did not know where the latches were.  Of course it would take longer than it should to find the info in the car manual (I know from past experience that things are not labeled "correctly" in the index, and even when eventually found there it sends me to at least 3 or 4 different sections of the book.) So I was thrilled that one of Carol's neighbors just happened to be walking by her driveway on the way to the community mailbox at that exact second, and he responded to my "excuse me". So 5 seconds later the seats were down (the latches are quite visible, right by the head rests) and the rack was loaded. 

Tom and Alex whipped up a delicious dinner while I relaxed on the couch - and where I fell asleep early in the evening not long afterward.  Good thing I was taping the excellent NOVA program I was watching.

Yesterday morning I delivered Betsy's quilt; she'd had to leave Wednesday before the end, but was so invested in the quilt she had bid on that she asked me to call her if someone out-bid her.  I got to see her quilting room(s) and many of her projects.  She just kept gushing over the quilt she captured, so Nancy would be happy that it went to such a good home.

Patti and I went to lunch at Kneaders, and then to the chiropractor (I was definitely in need of an adjustment.)  I saw from the Foothills membership list that Cathie lives near there (her address is a PO in Litchfield) so I had called and given her the option of rendezvousing with us at 1:30 at the chiropractor instead of waiting until the next Foothills meeting to get her two quilts.  She thought that was a wonderful idea, so now all the quilts have been delivered and those funds collected.  As soon as I get Monica's check for her quilt and the sewing machine (should arrive in the mail here by the first of the week) I can deliver the final monies to Steve.

As expected Patti and I had a little time after lunch and before our appointment, so I ran in to the JoAnn's right by the chiropractor (which is actually where Cathie had been when I spoke with her yesterday morning and made the afternoon arrangements) to pick up the double-sized fusible fleece I need for the "easy" placemats.  They didn't carry it.  On the way home Patti suggested I stop in at "our" JoAnn's - and they don't carry it either.  So this easy method is not going to be quite as easy as planned. I've tabled that project for the moment, and yesterday almost got the baby quilt top done.  Knew that would go fast!

At 9:00 Shelley is going to give my hair a trim, at 10:00 I have the gym, and after lunch I will help Patti shower.  Other than that, nothing on for today except finishing up the baby quilt top. Tomorrow Wanda will probably come over to see the finished wedding quilt before it leaves, along with all the fabric and quilts of Nancy's.

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