Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wanda came over yesterday morning, and I got to see her Two Gray Hills all quilted.  It's absolutely stunning, and the perfectly chosen edge-to-edge pattern that her quilter used makes it look like a custom job.  I would love to buy it (and Tom also thought we 'need' it for the museum) but unfortunately Gina got her 'bid' in ahead of me.  Wanda 'just' needs to whip up another one....

She was impressed with all the fabric I scored at Wednesday's sale (I 'forced' her to take the two pieces that spoke to her), and admired the quilts of Nancy's that will now be living with me.  She also loved the beautiful paper-pieced project Nancy had started that I plan to turn into a table runner and placemats... someday! 

Then we lunched at Wildflower, always scrumptious. AND I have leftovers!

The final check for Steve had arrived in yesterday's mail, so after Wanda left I dropped of the latest batch of checks and cash for him.  There will still be a tad more money dribbling in from the weekend sale at Sandy's out in Sun City.  Yesterday she took in $200, and hopefully will do as well today.  Once I know how much fabric is left I need to contact one of the Daisy Mountain ladies who is possibly interested in buying whatever didn't sell.

My last errand was to deliver the big red tub and crafting supplies to Colleen.  She had been up a lot with Ken during the night (his annual procedure on Friday didn't go as well as usual) and looked as tired as I'd ever seen her. And with her schedule with all the grandkids, that's saying a lot!

I am still feeling rather wiped out, and was just drifting off in my chair yesterday afternoon when sound suddenly blared from something Tom was watching on FB. So much for the afternoon nap he suggested.  By 8:00 it was a real struggle to stay awake - but I managed to make it until 9:00. (I had thought we might do dinner in Cave Creek and then go hear Peter and The Sonoran Dogs play - but had no energy to even suggest that.  

Did wake up at 4:30 this morning, but lazed in bed until 5:00.

I got no sewing done yesterday - but hope to get a lot done today!

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