Tuesday, April 11, 2017

During my morning soak I gave Marcela a call, and was thrilled to hear how well Steve is wdoing.  While the chemo does take a toll, he is still getting out and about, and for someone with pancreatic cancer he's doing amazingly well. 

When I showed up at the gym this morning there was a bit of a snafu.  Again I was not on Jim's schedule, because despite checking recently to see how many sessions I had left on my account, it seems that I was given the wrong info and I had run out of paid sessions.  It's been cleared up, and I actually got a dozen additional free sessions for the next 12 months.

On the way home I stopped for matzoh, gassed up the car, and swung by the library to drop off and pick up.  And yes, later this afternoon, two more books came in for me.  Does not seem to matter when I go (the item I went to pick up had been waiting for some time) but as soon as I do, another item comes in.

During lunch Tom and I watched some recorded Jeopardy programs, and for one the Final Jeopardy category was Scientists.  Tom "bet" everything, while I only "bet" ten dollars.  We were both surprised when I got the answer... and he didn't.

I made a call to the bank this afternoon, and it took an Act of Congress just to get out of the automated loop and into the queue to actually speak to someone.  Every 30 seconds I heard "we appreciate your patience; someone will be with you shortly" and eventually got to speak to Rosemary.  I no sooner told her what I needed when I was suddenly cut off, possibly because I hit some button on the phone.  I was not up to going through it all over again; maybe tomorrow.

Did a bunch of not-very-exciting stuff around the house (scrubbed Pokey poop from the welcome mat and porch outside the back door, set the irrigation gates, trimmed the hedge that was impeding the gate, talked to the irrigation guy who will be available to do irrigation for us when we're gone again this summer) before taking a shower and doing a little sewing on my spool quilt.

Alex and Tyga came over, and I got some help with my computer.  First order was to figure out how to find the e-mail contacts on my iPad, and next how to enter them onto the laptop.  I was gratified to see that the first 4 or 5 things he tried were the very same things I had tried (and didn't work any better for him than it had for me.)  It took a long time (would you believe that Windows 10 says it does not have contacts in e-mail; you have to access an app!) but at least Alex got it figured out, and now I know what to do. Next he got the printer and scanner to talk to my laptop.  Again it took a while, but in theory <g> I know what to do now.

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