Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I have been not getting sleepy in the evenings - the past couple nights I have been still reading at midnight! - but at least I'm sleeping a little later in the morning.  Today my lower back seems to be paying for all the hours of bending and packing I did on Sunday, so it would seem that a soak in the hot tub is in order for this morning before I head over to the gym. 

At least my broken toe finally seems to be healing nicely, since either I'm no longer stubbing it (or just no longer noticing when I do?!)  And whatever drained out of that swollen "blister" in my finger last week seems to have taken the thorn with it, because that is also healing nicely.

My desktop computer may have finally bitten the dust.  I'm used to it crashing constantly, and needing to be restarted.... except that yesterday I never could get it to restart.  I have been using it for a variety of reasons (one being that there are things on it that are not on this one)  Of course there's always the (slim) chance that if I just leave it alone for a couple of days it will straighten up and fly right again - because that has happened before.  But honestly? I am not counting on it.

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