Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mr. Mallard was back today, and this time he brought the Mrs. with him.  Maybe to celebrate our 29th anniversary?  The photos are not quite as clear as I would like, probably because we changed the settings on my camera to fewer pixels after there were major problems downloading pix onto my laptop.

Speaking of birds, I forgot to mention that on Thursday, Mr. Peacock was hanging around out front.  I had pulled into the driveway after my trip to Joann's for a quick stop to run inside and grab the wedding photo before heading over to Lynn's to print, and had an NPR driveway moment.  I was still thinking about the segment when I shut the car door and headed across the porch, surprising Mr. Peacock - and me.  So by the time I thought to grab my phone and snap a shot of him on the porch he had moved off.  I was surprised to find him right back out there when I came out again just a little while later, so again did not get a photo.  I enjoy having him strut his stuff here, though Tom and Alex find him noisy (which he is) and utterly annoying - and would much prefer to have him spend his time elsewhere.

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