Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I got yet more house-cleaning done yesterday afternoon/evening, and more is planned for this morning before I head to the gym.  While everything I've done has been a welcome improvement, it unfortunately also creates a more obvious disparity <sigh> with what is still left to do.  Life is often full of conundrums, right?

During my trip to Target yesterday (just while driving through the parking lot I almost got hit by two different cars, whose drivers were either not paying attention or they just like to race madly) I finally replaced my mop with the broken handle.  Of course all the mop models Target now carry do not use the "G" replacement heads... of which I have 3 stockpiled.  Anyone have a use for them? At least I do like the butterfly model I chose (took me a while to decide because there were way too many choices.)

Tom should arrive home from his Rocky Point fishing trip today, hopefully in time to unpack the truck and then hook up the trailer before I need to head over to Steve's around 4:30 this afternoon. It would be nice to pack up ALL the boxes at once and only make one trip.  Alex agreed to help with the heavy lifting (when I asked him about it last week), but he "may" need a reminder to be home for that today before 4-ish.  (He returned from California yesterday, but headed to Scottsdale for the night so I have yet to see him.)

Time for a quick soak (gotta start off my day right) before I get down to more cleaning. At least my quads feel better today and have toned down their 'dialogue' with me... though they are still not silent.  Good thing it'll be an upper body workout later this morning!



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