Monday, April 17, 2017

Yesterday was productive: I finished binding the wedding quilt!  Now I just have to design a label to print (not as easy on the laptop as it was on the desktop), and the quilt will be ready to be presented to the lucky couple.

Patti and I played some rummy out on her back porch yesterday morning before it got too warm (they're already talking about hitting triple digits shortly) and then I 'supervised' while she did some of her upper-body exercises.  She continues to feel good and is done with her antibiotic regimen for the pneumonia, and in another couple of weeks she's get another follow-up x-ray just to make sure.   Although her leg remains sore after they removed all the staples and sutures on Thursday she did try to stretch out the time between pain pills - that didn't work too well.

I got the bedrooms vacuumed and many of the wood floors mopped yesterday, and still the cleaning continues.  Of course it's futile, because the house will just get dirty again.  At least when a quilt is made it stays made! 

These are footprints made on Friday, after irrigation, by the pool guy heading into the backyard.  It's not the greatest picture (my dumb phone has a very basic camera) but the depressions are at least an inch deep, maybe more.  This is why I didn't go out back to soak Friday after my leg workout.  At least this morning my quads are less sore than yesterday, when Patti got some good laughs at my expense, watching/listening to me each time I got up or down.

Lots of phone calls to make today, many to arrange scheduling, and I look forward to seeing many things crossed off the ubiquitous TO DO list today.  Yes I would rather lie out in the hammock and read... but shortly heading over to Patti's to help her shower, so I'd better get started on my long list.

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