Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yesterday's upper body workout was a good one.  Not only did Jim compliment me on my form (he tried, but couldn't find anything to correct!), he also commented on my muscle definition - and upped some of the weights.  That's always a mental boost, proof positive of improvement. And while I'm a tad sore this morning, it's a good sore!

I had barely gotten out of the shower when Marcie and Mike stopped by, and we all cruised over to their new house which Tom had never seen.  Yes, he was suitably impressed. 

Originally M&M had hoped/planned to be in by the first of May, though obviously that isn't going to happen.  But since they sold their house on Wednesday (after only 3 days on the market!) and that's set to close in early June, the pressure is on!

Windy, windy, windy yesterday (according to the news our area of the valley was one of the ones hit the hardest) so of course it knocked down a lot more of the leftover fruit. I had picked up everything in anticipation of irrigation, but of course now we're underwater back there so pickup will need to wait.  

Got the baby quilt quilted yesterday with snuggly flannel on the back, and then attached colorful flannel binding left over from the blue jean quilt of years ago.  Too bad the binding was a few inches too short, so I had to add a little strip of another flannel - but pretty sure the baby won't really care. 

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