Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We had a wonderful salad potluck lunch at Foothills today.  My contribution was cucumbers, which I peeled and diced at 8:00 this morning and then put in the frig.  I am a little frazzled these days so it's a good thing I posted a reminder by the door, or I would have walked out at 9:00 with all my quilting goodies, but no cukes!  Of course there were all sorts of delicious-looking breads and cookies and cakes I had to skip (no doubt I'll survive) but I pigged out on the salad and left quite full.

I did not get to do the on-line renewal for AQG even though Judy had brought her computer to help those of us <waving hand in the air madly> who "sometimes" have issues with computers - 
because I do not remember my password. 

Of course if I'd read the e-mail reminder about the meeting I would have seen the helpful part about needing the password and could have gotten AQG to e-mail it to me.  But with everything going on I skipped that e-mail. 

Irene brought the wedding quilt today, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what she ended up choosing for the quilting!  Still have to do the binding and label - but it should be ready to fly with me (on Southwest, not on United) in a couple of weeks. 

I wish I could post a picture of the quilt now, but since I want it to be a surprise for Ed & Emily I'll just have to practice patience.   

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