Friday, April 7, 2017

This morning has been "one of those days", when little things have gone wrong (or been much harder than they should have been) though happily (!) nothing of any real significance.  Just annoying.

I arrived at the gym a little ahead of schedule, so after I did my warm-up exercises I did some cardio on the elliptical.  When Jim still hadn't shown (very unusual) I started on some of the leg routine where I know the settings and weights: leg press, hip adduction, hip abduction, and glutes.  By the time I finished with those he was 15 minutes overdue, with no message on my phone, so I was afraid he'd had a family emergency.  But when I checked at the front desk, it turns out that I was not in his schedule for today - or next Friday, either.  Apparently when Jim meant to cancel last Friday's session (I was in Flagstaff for the quilt retreat) he actually cancelled all of my Fridays. Just another computer glitch!

Next stop was to to pick up my Rx at Walmart (the 3rd time is the charm, right?) but this time I went inside, partly because Tom wanted a "refill" of some toasted rye chips they carry, partly because I thought I'd look for the compression socks Patti needs (though they don't carry them), and partly because I figured (rightly) that it might not be a quick stop and I hate to hold up the car line.  Would you believe that it appeared that I still only had 6 pills waiting for me?  Of course I was not a happy camper, explained this was my third visit in 3 days, related what had happened yesterday - and after talking with the pharmacist and searching several places he did eventually locate the 'second' order of 84 pills.

I had picked up the chips for Tom and meant to pay for them when I paid for the meds - but by then everything had taken so long I forgot I had the chips in my cart.  So I went through the self-checkout with that one item.  Who thinks that went smoothly?

Then off to the library.  Yes, as a matter of fact I was just there yesterday, but the new book Tom has been jones-ing for was not in then.  Naturally I got an e-mail late in the afternoon that it had come in, so today I swung by to grab it.  When I scanned my card and entered my code I got an error message... for some reason <lol> the library was not happy with the bar code from my gym card.  But even after I scanned the correct card, it still took three tries (!) before it would accept my input and check me out.

Back at home I chowed down on some post-workout protein (tuna) and called Patti to check in.  First thing I asked her was if she was scared last night.  That gave her a laugh, though she did admit that she had felt uneasy about her first night alone.  Happily it went just fine.  

I'm about to shower and head back over there.  Gary should be home tomorrow afternoon, and I'm pretty sure he's not taking off again immediately, so I'll be off-duty for a while.

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